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Serious butt-kicking

I am the master of interviewing for jobs I don't really want. Why can't I be this good with jobs I do want? Anyway. The thing went well today. Well enough, that she brought in another person to interview me and make sure I'm ok. I ought to know by the end of the week. You'd think this would make me happy. And it does, sort of. The company kicks butt. But I'm not sure I'm cut out to be a receptionist, even with other nifty things thrown in. I guess that's why it's temp-to-hire. I'll get to try it out for a while...

Oh, yesterday was my brothers birthday. He's officially older, and yet still younger than I am. I even got to visit his new place last night. And I am the best gift-giver. Either that, or he fakes it well. He still has the present I got him for Christmas 2 years ago... That made me happy. I like to make his life easier whenever I can. He'll always be my baby brother.
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