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Yesterday, during a panicked pre-in-law-visit cleaning spree, I managed to whack myself on the bridge of the nose with the plug for the vacuum. I was being all clever and swinging the cord around the canister top to get it unwound (it goes around the top of the canister) and managed to pop myself pretty good with the hard plastic of the plug. I'm just glad that no one noticed the bruise on my nose today. How do you explain that?

The reason that I remembered to post this is, of course, that I hurt myself again. I gave myself a nasty cut with my razor shaving this morning. The cut is not on my leg, where the razor's supposed to go, but on my index finger. I'm glad it didn't bleed or hurt, or shaking hands today would have been awkward. And five minutes ago, I gave myself a beautiful paper cut on my pinky (same hand of course). This one bled and hurt so bad I cursed. Then on the way back from the mailbox, I managed to trip up the stairs and just about plowed into the wall. Scared the cat pretty good, too.

I think I'm going to go sit on the couch upstairs and crochet. I'm pretty sure that I can't hurt myself with the crochet hook.