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(no subject)

I had a dream last night that I started another MBA program, because somehow this one was *also* necessary. And it would actually help me get a job. So. There I was, filling out the first-day paperwork (because it was a job or something) and I left the "Major" line blank. It's obviously "MBA" right? Well, apparrently this was a major cause for concern with the leader guy, and he wouldn't let me go on without a specific major (something like "studying the economice impact of blue parrots on Africa"). So I quit. I hope this was just first day jitters, and not some sign of things to come.

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What, like your sudden interest and career change to take care of blue parrots of Africa? ;)

That's right. And there's nothing you can say to keep me from moving there!

I wouldn't say no to the Basketball thing right away. Who knows? You might be good at it (or good enough to stay on the team) and they make HELLA cash.

You might be a natural.

Um, Zen? Were you tired and/or drunk when you read that?

hahaha...I was apparently smoking crack. I read it and retained knowledge of something about a dream, and MBA, which translated to NBA, so add the two together and you get what must have a strange dream I had sometime in the past. :P

Hell, I don't know...I didn't think anything was wrong until your post made me re-read it. Oopsie! *blush*

It was pretty funny, in a "what the heck?" kind of way. :)

Uh, that last one came out a little snottier than intended. That's what I get for typing from work...


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