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I just don't get this word. Jarhead uses it sometimes to mean "understand." Why can't he just say that? I mean, I know it's a cultural thing. And it's from a book (Heinlein right?). But to me, it just sounds stupid. May I just don't hear it enough to make it sound like a real word...

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It's from Stranger in a Strange Land. In fact, approximately every other WORD in Stranger in a Strange Land is "grok." Geeks like to use it. It does basically mean to understand, but I think it implies a sort of total understanding, oneness with the concept, etc etc.

I'm not really crazy about the book, myself, and I wouldn't be caught dead using one of its made-up words, but I cannot resist the opportunity to act like a geeky font of knowledge.

Platypus groks the word, alright, though it's geekyness is nothing to be ashamed about in this day and age. :)

Of course you would say that....

And what a font you are. Filled in all those gaps that I had. :)

having not read the book, ever, i just always assumed it was a programming term. heh.

I had the same problem, until I got fed up with not knowing such a lame sounding word. The I finally asked, and was almost sorry. :P

It's more than just to understand something though - it's almost like a perfect knowledge of the precise abilities, attributes and dimensions of something. The "understanding" is so perfect, it borders on almost godlike.

That's what I don't like. Especially when he uses it... I'm pretty sure that neither of us understands anything to godlike ability.

What platypus said. It's not just understanding, it's Understanding. :)

Which is why I don't like it in reference to people. I know of no one that can make that claim, on anything. Especially regarding themselves. :)

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