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Idiot marketers

My favorite grocery store has gone to shit. I love QFC because they have the freshest produce. Everywhere else, it seems that the produce wilts in less than half the time. And I really hate Safeway. They have that stupid Club Card, and it drives me nuts. Lately, I've been shopping there, only because money has been so tight. But I use my mothers Club Card. I refuse to get one of my own, so they can track my purchases. Like they do'nt get enough data from seeing what items people purchase in each transaction that they need to identify it with a name and address. Ugh.

So now, the bright people at QFC have decided to do the same thing. I'm so mad I could spit. At them. I guess I'm going to start shopping at Albertsons. Sheesh.

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I'm not sure where you live, but if you have a Top Food & Drugs near you, we're *all* about their produce - well, Chris is. And since he's taken a billion courses in food selection, I trust him. Also, Larry's Market tends to have good produce, but somewhat pricey. Also, Fred Meyer's grocery department tends to have decent produce (if you just want basics - if you want more exotic things, you're out of luck.)

You know, I tried the "local" Fred Meyer, and their produce was just bad. Maybe it was the day before their shipment or something. I'll have to look for a Top Foods near here...

Just do what I did - go to Safeway/whereever around 5:30, when it's really busy. Ask to sign up for a card, then make up a fake address and easily rememberable phone number. Then, never bring your card back, and only type in the easily remembered number whenever you need it.

Bada-bing - instant discount, no tracking.

I have to admit, I don't get it. Oh no! They know I buy Cherrios!! I was hoping to keep that a secret from the world!! Who cares?? I have never received anything in the mail (or email) directed at me from a marketing standpoint concerning what I purchased at Safeway, and I've had a club card since they came out. I imagine QFC will be doing the same thing that Safeway does with the info, which impacts me in no ways I remotely care about.

Besides, if it really bugs you that much, you can have my QFC card. I'm using the keychain thingie, anyway.

Ok, part of it is that I worked for a security company for almost 3 years. I'm paranoid, especially about things like this. I also LOATHE telemarketers. I know, they're just trying to make a living. But I didn't sign up to be pestered by siding salesmen when I lived in an apartment...

Anyway. It's just the principle of the thing. What good does it do them? None. So then why use it as an excuse to jack up prices? Evil marketers.

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