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I'm in the middle of a quandary. I really want the job that I interviewed for this morning, so I'm trying to do everything I can think of to let the interviewers know that I'm not kidding around. I was honest (but not too honest) during the interview, got along well with both interviewers (one in person, one teleconferenced in) and even made them laugh once or twice. Now, I'm trying to reiterate to them that I still want the job. Last week at the temp job, the woman who was doing the interviewing received a thank you from one of the candidates and just about lost it. She was ecstatic. This morning I interviewed with two men, both techie types. And now I need your advice. If you were in my shoes, what would you do?

Poll #35075 Post-interview etiquette

Would you:

Send one thank you addressed to both interviewers.
Send two thank yous, one to each
Arrrrr! Men don't want thank you notes!

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actually, based on the "arrrr!" i was tempted to pick that choice, but i thought...perhaps i should actually try to help you out ;)

I had to put a pirate thing in there. It was sooo perfect! But I appreciate the honest input.

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