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Cat Scratch Fever

I know that there are superstitions about cats. That one about sucking out the baby's breath cracks me up. I also know that if a cat scratches you, you should clean it thoroughly. Cat Scratch Fever (or whatever you want to call it) is from the icky non-clean places cats put their claws. But mental illness? Really now...

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Did you know that people who are allergic to cat's are actually allergic to cat saliva? When they groom themselves and coat their fur with their saliva, that's when it's bad for allergic peoples. This random bit of health trivia reminds me of a thing on the Fight Club DVD that's really neat. But you haven't seen it yet, have you? WHY NOT???

And I can't believe I put an apostrophe in "cats." I HATE THAT! See why I'm an English teacher? They're is know moor anoyying thang then poeple who cant' wright propperly?

Fighting about fights

Because someone hasn't invited me over to see it yet.

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