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As promised, here's the latest picture of my wedding dress. Yes, I know it's late. :P

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Wow! That is gorgeous!! I love the sleeves... It's so flowy!

The sleeves are courtesdy of a witch costume! That's the best way to start a marriage, don't you think? Playing the witch! Hahahhah!

Hey, are you playing a song for the wedding or what?

You look like a princess. Very nice!

A princess? If you're being sarcastic I'm going to hunt you down with my trusty shotgun.

No, no, no...no sarcasm. If sarcasm is invovled, I like to mark it by using ";)". If there is one thing I've learned in life, you don't make fun of a woman's wedding dress. Totally bad form.

No, the design if the sleeves and the way your hair looks in the picture made me think that. I was being serious! :) The dress is very nice.

OK, just checking. And I appreciate the compliment. *beam*

(Deleted comment)
Thank you. I'm looking forward to wearing it.

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