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Nostalgia anyone?

I miss BBSing. It was so nice to chat with people, discussing multiple topics in different forums. I really enjoyed just spewing my opinions on different subjects, all headed and moderated by someone else.

But I have to admit, what I miss the most is getting together with a group of relative strangers and spending a day doing something fun. Now it's all networking and acting grown-up. Ah for a day to run around with water guns...

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At someone else's house, no less!!

*sigh* Those were the days...

Even if we did have to drive all over the planet to get where we were going.

Name a time and place, I'll be there! :D

We ought to do a barbeque or something this summer.

I'm always down with a barbeque! I'm not a master of the grill or anything, but I like to pretend that I can at least help. :)

Can you bring something (once you get a job, that is)? That's the biggest help. :)

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