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I'm about to go crazy. I'm trying to add *one* stinking process to my linux boot sequence, and every permutation I've tried either ends in a hung screen or just nothing. Any suggestions?

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How are you trying to add it, and what is it?

It's the Shoutcast daemon. And I've tried to create a shell script that runs at level 3-5 and hangs the console with a notice that the file doesn't exist (the script runs fine from the command line) and by adding the command line call for the daemon to the rc.local file (which doesn't do anything). The fact that the script is called at all at boot time tells me that I'm doing it partly right, but I think I'm missing a step somewhere.

Yeah, that's the deal. Create a script in /etc/rc.d/rc3.d/S99shoutcast or similar, which takes arguments of startup, shutdown or restart and does the appropriate things. You can probably rip off an existing simple daemon-starting script, like the sendmail one, and model it on that. There's some macros you need to wrap around daemon processes to make sure they don't block the init process and so on, that might be what's causing problems.

Thank you thank you! It's up and running. I'm so happy now!

How did you find me?

I was reading my friendsfriends page... 'cause I ran out of friends postings and was bored.

Seems to be the way that LJ grows.

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