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Last Earthquake Bit

I swear, this is the last bit I'll post on the Earthquake. I hope you find it as amusing/frightening as I do. From Boeing:

Sent: Monday, March 05, 2001 10:48 AM
Subject: Return to Work Safety Information

This information has been sent to all Seattle Site employees.

Please share this information with those who may not have access to their computers as a result of the earthquake.

Certified structural engineers from Facilities have inspected all Boeing facilities in the Puget Sound region and reopened those determined to be safe.

Some buildings had asbestos containing materials disturbed by the earthquake. Exposed asbestos was cleaned up by trained personnel. Independent sampling was conducted and confirmed the cleanup was effective. No asbestos hazard exists.

Drinking water is safe. The water was sampled and tested by a certified lab.

Known safety hazards have been corrected. But, there may be hazards in your area that have not been detected. If you see anything out of the ordinary report it to your supervisor.

Do not enter areas blocked or fenced off.

Personal work station items were not cleaned up such as papers, notebooks, etc.

Open all drawers, files, tool storage and hazmat cabinets with caution. Items may have shifted during the earthquake and could fall out.

Many floors have cracked causing tripping hazards. Keep your eyes on your path of travel.

Factory services has made every effort to clean up in areas where carpet was soaked with water but there may be odors. If these odors persist, contact your SHEA representative.

Ask for assistance if you need to move something back in place such as a toolbox or file cabinet that may have tipped over or moved.

Do not clean up any liquids if you do not know where they originated. Call Facilities Dispatch for assistance in cleaning these up.

Facilities has provided paper towels. Use water to dampen towels and wipe down your immediate work area. Throw the dirty towels in the trash.