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Not exactly a nutshell

I never realized how much email I get. I just finished catching up and replying. I think.

Anyway, I love my new job. But getting up at 3:30 4 days a week will be tough for a while, I think. I was almost awake yesterday. Then got to work, and just about fell asleep. But it's getting better, I can tell. I was awake at 6 this morning, despite it being one of my off days. I even got to choose to go back to sleep.

But work itself is absolutely exhausting. I'm trying to cram my brain full of information for 10 hours. There's so much to learn! New programs, procedures and faces. And the faster I learn it, the more I get. At least that means that I'll be advanced along the levels quickly.

Then I come home and try to take care of the house. Moll, my white cat, has an injured tail. It's entirely possible that she has nerve damage, and will need to have part of it amputated. So I'm trying to take care of her. I would really prefer that whatever is wrong just go away, but... And yesterday I had to go the hairdresser for an hour to go through a practice run of my wedding hair. It took about a hundred pins and was beautiful. So I dragged Jarhead out swing dancing. We took the beginners lesson, and he did very well.

So I'm just glad to have today off. Maybe I can take care of the million other things I need to do.
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