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(no subject)

Went out last night to see the DMQ at the Crocodile with thx42. I love those guys. Not only do they do excellent covers, they're a riot to watch. I even overcame my crowd-avoidance and had an awesome time. And no, I don't use that phrase in real life.

We went to the Flying Fish for dinner beforehand (which has become a bit of a tradition). While the food was decent, I'll never go back. It wasn't spectacular, and it was expensive. The waiter, however was a riot. He had this perfect knack of coming up right as I was doing something stupid. And he gave me a "look" when dropping off the check. I laughed so hard...

Anyway. Staying up for 23 hours is not my cup of tea (even though DMQ is *so* worth it!), so today is recovery day. And I have to figure out how to buy a car, go motorcycle riding/tux fitting with my Dad and brother and get to the MoH's to get her to pick up her dress and hang out as well as celebrate the 4th in 3 days....