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Early morning rambles

Mornings are not my friend. I've already been at work for 2 hours and my body isn't even ready to be awake yet. Not really. I should really be sleeping in, relaxing and taking today off. Ah well, at least it's only four days...

This mornings unpleasant Monday-like qualities were enhanced by seeing a brush fire along the side of the freeway. It had been started by to car that jumped over the barrier and ended up facing the wrong way. As there were no emergency vehicles on the scene yet, I called 911 but didn't stop, as there was a crowd (on the freeway!) and there was nothing more I could do to help. The fire was pretty large already and I don't have any special medical training (not even first aid... guh, I really ought to sign up for a class...). I almost feel guilty about not pulling over, but what good is one more gawker? I just hope everyone got out ok.

I was really shaken by seeing this event. When I got to work, I had to sit in the parking lot for a few minutes to gather my wits. I'll probably never know if anyone survived the crash, nor is it truly any of my business. Nevertheless, my heart goes out to all who have been involved in similar circumstances.
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