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Every time I hear about the status of the conjoined twins in Brazil that were surgically separated, I think "This is not news. How is this anyone's business?" But yesterday, I was wishing there was some way to find out about the car that started the brush fire and whether or not everyone was ok. Which is also none of my business. Whizzing by and calling 911 doesn't give me the right to horn in on those peoples lives.

This, of course, set me to pondering the line between news-worthy information and a right to privacy. I haven't a clue where the line is, as I'm all conflicted even within my own life (as evidenced by the fact that I share highly personal information with the world via LJ). I'm pretty sure that some day, everything will be immediatly available to anyone who wants to know and privacy will be an obsolete word. I just hope it's not in my lifetime.