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(no subject)

I feel like a dork. I've been renting Twin Peaks lately (I know, I know. How can I have never seen it on TV?) and I don't know when they reveal Laura Palmer's killer. Was it season one or two?

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Hmm, I've forgotten so many details. I found the revelation anticlimactic at best (and it didn't really work for me), and the series kind of fell apart after that. I can't get a clear sense from any episode guide of where the season break actually was -- they just list all the episodes in order. I'd also forgotten a lot of the more soap-operatic aspects of the show. I loved Agent Cooper, though. And the music.

Sometimes, I think the problem with shows like this (and to a certain extent the x-files) is that they feel obliged to come up with an answer sooner or later, and it feels very much like when they started the show they didn't know what that answer was going to be. Cobbling in a made-up answer later ends up contradicting and invalidating some of the earliest and most interesting clues, which ended up pointing nowhere. I know they can't sustain the suspense forever; eventually even the most ardent fans are going to say, "okay, who the hell killed Laura Palmer already" or "what's the truth about aliens?". Except for me. I enjoyed the shows most when I didn't know, and I cared a lot more about the journey than the destination. If I could do it again, I think I'd stop before watching any big revelations.

I'm really enjoying the soap opera aspects of the show, it's so bizarre. But I seem to recall hearing that it sort of fell apart after they revealed the killer.

And I totally agree about the whole "answer" part. I had to stop watching X-Files after the movie. The interesting part was in not knowing...

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