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(no subject)

I did manage to get out and ride a motorcycle yesterday. I also managed to drop it. The penalties of riding a 400 pound bike while still learning to stop properly (i.e. on balance). But I was in a deserted parking lot practicing with my brother there to help and give advice, so I don't feel bad (other than being mad at myself for not being as careful as I ought). I didn't even really get hurt; I might have a bruise on my hand in a day or so, but nothing significant. I'm really lucky. I had visions of having to sit next to Dad, both of us with broken legs...

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Oww. Glad it was in 'controlled' circumstances and that you're ok. :)

Thanks. I'm glad that I was so lucky as to learn something and take my first fall in such a way that next time, my brain might actually kick in. :)

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