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(no subject)

Jarhead and I went on our first Geocaching adventure today. I was so excited through the whole cache (I love scavenger hunts) that now I'm completely exhausted. We got totally overheated despite the rain by walking the 4+ miles that the waypoints required. But man did I have fun!

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Woo, geocaching :). I'm not sure I've ever done a single cache that required a four-mile walk. We are wimps and look for the easy ones (though after finding a few dozen, we're running out of easy local caches). Was it a multicache? I've only done two of those. They were pretty cool -- one involved decoding an alien message. I just love the whole sneaking-around-finding-hidden-things aspect of the game. There are so many secrets in this city. It makes me feel like a kid.

It was a mutlicache. And that was exactly how I felt. Just like a kida t a birthday party.

Oooooh, I love geocaching! There are several really great ones out on the Olympic Peninsula, which gives you a great excuse to take a long weekend over in Port Angeles or something, too.

I'm really looking forward a the trip based on geocaching. It's a great excuse to go somewhere special.

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