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(no subject)

I'm exhausted. It's been excruciatingly slow today and I'm catching something. I just hope it's a cold and not strep. One of my co-workers children has strep and I haven't had it in ages. It's terrible when Strep for me means many weeks of being sick, unable to keep anything down (including the medicine) followed by a penicillin shot. And you all know where they put that one...

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EW! I've never have a penicillin shot for strep... Ick.

I know what you mean about the medicine and keeping things down, though.. I had strep once and then for *any* cold a year afterward, I had an automatic gag reflex when it came to sucking lozenges or cough drops. *sigh*

Do'nt you love that? I hate it when I fall asleep with one in my mouth and choke on it.

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