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(no subject)

Last night I had this nightmare where I was being brutally murdered. I was awake enough to realize that I hadn't actually stopped breathing, so of course the guys killing me did too. So they had to kill me again. It wasn't pleasant, particularly since when I woke up, I was in pain in places where they'd done nasty things to me.

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I also had a dream recently where I was getting beat up/in the process of being killed. When I woke up sort of suddenly, I was in a *ton* of pain in the places where they'd been beating me up... Isn't that odd?

The James thinks that perhaps I was sleeping in a weird position and thus my pained body was sending messages to me in my sleep...

I think James is wrong. I hurt in places that had no relation to anything I was doing while sleeping. I think we've experienced a precursor to the Matrix!

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