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I've noticed that when people speak of "the sniper" they talk in a way that's inconsistent wth other serial killers. The topic generally follows what's happened and leaps right to "If I were the sniper, I'd..." like it's ok, or they admire this person for taking out the aggression they all feel, or there's some part of them that's had a fantasy of being a sniper. It's rather frightening to see such a cavalier attitude. Is this just a west coast phenomenon?

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(Deleted comment)
It's probably a bit of that, and a bit of being so far removed from the action that they're intellectualizing it. It's got to be...

I was actually having that exact conversation with my friend Joyce on Friday. We got to talking about how we'd wipe out a large number of people as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Net result was the conclusion I should never go crazy. Ever.

I don't think it's solidly west coast, though. There's just a large concentration in Seattle.

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