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(no subject)

I'm waiting for the electrician. He's supposed to show between "first thing in the morning" and noon to fix the outlet on the outside of my house that magically doesn't work. It was fine when I moved in, but hasn't worked since last summer. In fact, while trying to figure out the problem, I got to stick my arm between the exterior and interior walls of the house and try to cam it in ways that arms aren't supposed to bend. Let me tell you, insulation on bare arms itches.

Anyway, Jarhead was unable to diagnose the problem last weekend after playing with the breakers. In fact, he was also unable to discover which breaker turns the thing off. So instead of letting him play with it some more and get electrocuted in the process, I'm hiring a professional to electrocute himself. Plus, if he breaks anything or accidentally burns the house down, I can make him pay for it.