savannah (onsafari) wrote,

I'm just now getting around to writing about last weekend. It feels rather strange, but... it was a busy weekend, what can I say. Sunday was Thanksgiving, thanks to my silly job and the working through holidays bit. At least I got to finally meet my brothers fiancee. I had too much wine, but I don't think I embarrassed myself too much. Sunday morning, Jarhead and I moved all the furniture around upstairs. I'm not sure I like it yet, but I think it's growing on me. It'll be better when I finally take the last table out of the car and put it where it belongs.

Yesterday was a fun-filled day of yarn-stitching. I'm trying desperately to finish the blanket I'm working on for my mother before her birthday on Saturday. Somehow, I don't think it's going to happen. At least I'm making progress now, pushing through to the end will be difficult as I'm only half done attaching the strips together. Note to self: never do a project that requires stitching again.
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