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Bah. I'm at work, and I'm tired. Not as tired as I should be, granted, but tired nonetheless. Last night, I went with thx42 to his company christmas party and we stayed until the band gave up (about midnight). Of course, getting up at 3:30 this morning wasn't fun but I have coffee, so...

Last night was quite an adventure. I managed to get home at a reasonable hour and take a nap before getting ready (a definite bonus). Note to self: never decide to wax at the last minute without taking an ibuprofin 30 minutes before. I finally finished getting dressed about the time we were supposed to arrive. I don't know how I managed to be so late, other than I wasn't enjoying my eyeliner pencil stabbing my eleid and trying to give me a splinter and I tried to fix the thing too many times before giving up and throwing it out.

Anyway. Dinner was fun, the wine was terrible but free and the music was excellent. They brought in a DJ (who was an ass, but his music got better as the night wore on) and a band (Dudley Manlove, my favorite! It's all their fault I was out so late...). So we got to swing dance as well as boogie down to some groovy covers. I had some very Austin Powers moments where I caught myself doing some silly 60's dance and waiting for the next scene, and was appropriately creeped out by the image of John Lovitz during their rendition of "Ladies Night," but overall I'm a totaly groupie. I got to renew my crushes on fully 2/3s of the Quartet and laugh myself silly. I want to go see their show tonight, but I have the feeling that 3 hours of sleep isn't going to let me stay up that late. Ah well. My legs are still sore anyway.
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