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Dancing fool

I got to go watch the Sonics last night. It was very fun. I think part of the fun was due to the beer I had before the game, but that could just be speculation, too.

The best part of the game, other than cheering for random guys that no one has heard of before, was seeing the "Fan Dance." Let me tell you, there was this one really big guy from the stands that was doing this little dance in front of his seat. Between quarters, they brought out all of the dancers they'd caught on camera, and this guy just went to town. I don't know how he did it, but it was way better than the icky cheerleader-dance girls and boys.

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Now, be fair. That marching hairy man was pretty talented...and the floppy male Nsync lookalikes.

Ok, ok, you're right. But the big guy was the best by far.

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