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I was trying not to listen to my coworkers conversation this morning (I only eavesdrop if it's work related - that's my job!) but they were talking loudly about Korea and Iraq and weapons of mass distruction. I was mostly trying not to listen as they seem to have no clue. The discussion revolved mostly around how Iraq is more pliable than North Korea and therefore less of a threat (sure, like the nationality/religion/political ideology of terrorists and dictators matters). They then started discussing how horrible Hollywood is because all their depictions of nuclear war involve Russia and the US.

It was all I could do to keep my mouth shut. I was feeling pretty belligerent. Yes, Hollywood and the film/entertainment industry is stupid. They pick something and run with it, sense or no; witness horror flicks. If people will pay for it, they'll churn it out (how many Rambo films were there? Chuckie, Michael Myers, Jason and Freddy Kreuger were around way longer than anyone would have guessed...).

But really. North Korea and their relentless march toward nuclear weapons doesn't scare me any more than Hussein terrorizing his people and bandying about germ warfare. The obliteration of a nuclear blast would be much less terrible than an agonizing and slow death by antrax or ebola. OK, time to go walk around or something so I'm not so annoyed.

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Not necessarily true, pending on where one was in relation to the blast. Dying of radiation poisoning is a slow and painful, leper-like death. Dying because you're surrounded on all sides by a nuclear wasteland and you're slowly running out of food would be horrid, too.

A disease could also, conversely, take mere moments.

Dying, all in all, sucks.

OK, point taken. I've always assumed that this area would be a primary point of attack with all the military stationed here.

I sat down and calculated such a scenario in High School, once, as I lived by the Yakima Valley Army Base that was sending all the troops to Iraq. Seattle's actually a secondary target, especially now that Boeing is mostly gone. Yakima was a 3rd-string target. The only primary target that was in WA, ever, was Seattle during the early 90s.

You actually did the calculation? What did you use as criteria?

I actually used a lot of the public data from the CDC, in addition to random bits of information from both Hanford and various relatives in the military with connections to the nuclear departments.

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