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Weekend wrap-up

I've had an amazingly productive weekend so far. Finally got the Christmas decorations put away, all packed with foam and tissue paper so they won't break over the year until we pop them out again. This, of course, required that the garage get cleaned out so the boxes could be put away. Now there's room for a car (!) and all that's stopping it is the trip to Goodwill tonight to get rid of the stuff we don't use. All the photos are in the house; the albums are even on the bookshelves for easy access. I'm in the middle of a few tweaks for my website, the christmas card list for next year is made, the thank you notes are written and mailed, the floor was vacuumed and all the Christmas presents were put away. We even put most of the wedding presents away. The dishes and laundry are done and put away. I even have pots for moving plants around. Unfortunately, I have to wait to finish that up as it's raining and the dirt's outside. All that's really left is to replace the showerhead that decided to explode yesterday.

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Well, don't *I* feel like a sloth now!

I think I took my slacker weekend while you were moving, so it works out...

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