savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Holding pattern

I haven't felt like writing lately. Things have happened, but nothing of note. Re-potting plants and other such excitement just don't make for memorable days. What with the whole world (or at least that's what it felt like) being attacked by the SQL worm Saturday, work was insanely slow. There's really nothing to do when everything is broken and its not your fault. I'm playing around a bit with my web page design, but nothings done. I bought a new 29 gallon fish tank and stand, but the water's new and the fish can't be transferred for a week. I need to get a digital camera before the trip to New Orleans, but I really need to find out which one I want before I go buy something. I need to make haircut and doctors appointments, but I'm not sure who to call and when I do call, it'll be a week or more before I go in. I feel like a plane in a holding pattern waiting to land, endlessly circling over the same landmarks. When does the work begin?
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