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(no subject)

I have successfully made a haircut and doctors appointment today. I'm a little worried about the doctor. I've never seen him and I want to talk about scary and personal things. Nothing simple on this visit. Oh no, can't start a big scary relationship like this with something easy like allergies or acute abdominal pain. We'll just jump straight to the family planning and have done with it. I guess it's a good way to avoid wasting time with a clueless or pushy physician though.

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Heh! Don't you hate that? It's just so BIZARRE having some complete stranger suddenly asking you very personal questions. But like you say, better to test him out on the hard stuff first. :)

I can see how this conversation is going to go, too.
[him] So what do you want to talk about.
[me] Semi-permanent birth control.
[him] Uh, shouldn't we talk about pills first?
[me] Nope. Hormones make me crazy.
[him] Have you tried the shot?
[me] Yes. I bled for six months.
[him] Uh, so how about...
[me, interrupting] No. Just set me up for an IUD and we'll be fine.

How he takes it will determine if I got back or not. :)

I read this post and the first thing that came to mind when you said jumping straight to family planning is, "She's planning on starting a family!" and I squeaked. Out loud. Because, you know. I didn't think that was something you were doing right now.

But then I read the whole thing. Hee.

Can you imagine? I sometimes lock the cats out of rooms because they're driving me insane. I don't think that's allowd with kids. ;)

Oh, and thw whole out loud thing? Highly amusing. Except for the part where I got head-butted by the cat because I was wiggling too much with laughter.

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