savannah (onsafari) wrote,

I'm currently listening to the music of a cat yowling to herself. She does this quit frequently. Most times, she'll wander to the doorway of the bathroom and yowl into it, raising the volume of her lament through echo. When she wanders off into another room and starts yowling, it reminds me of when she was a kitten in my apartment. She was tiny and not used to such large places, nor to being alone. She would go exploring in another room and discover she was alone; her kittenish yowling would be a call for me to come get her, save her from the solitude. To escape that trap, I would call to her; she could follow my voice through the apartment and save herself.

These days, the wander-into-another-room-and-yowl trick is usually a sign that she's going to start a running rampage through the house. She's feeling frisky and is calling my other cat to come play as she runs as fast as she can around non-existent obstacles.It works every time.
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