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Now that I've finally figured out how I feel about the space shuttle, I'm not entirely sure how happy I am about it. I wish that I could say that my first thought upon hearing about the crash was sympathy for the families. But it wasn't. The first report I heard was all of 14 minutes after the shuttle was supposed to land and there hadn't even been confirmation of a problem. My immediate reaction was a dread of the coming media frenzy. See, I think of the media, news in particular, as sharks. When they smell blood in the water, they go insane and send other sharks into frenzy as well, all feeding off the little information they can get and making up the rest. I've felt this way for a long time, but the September 11 terrorist attacks solidified my hatred of the newsmedia. Sending an entire nation into shock and whipping up panic is not good journalism. Treating those who died as objects for your ratings is not good humanitarianism.

So now that it's no longer tied up in the machine that is the media, I can say that I'm really sorry that the astronauts died; that their families were so close to seeing them and robbed of that opportunity. However, I also envy them. Those people died doing something they loved after experiencing unexpected truimphs. I wish to be that lucky someday.

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I completely agree with you. All the video I saw played of them - before the liftoff, getting on the shuttle, on the shuttle in space - they always had these *huge* grins on their faces. They were so happy to be doing what they were doing. I guess it's small comfort, really....

Small maybe, but better than nothing. Especially if you're a family member that's just been accosted by someone with a microphone and camera wanting to know how you feel.

Definitely... I mean, I understand the basic shark mentality of news reporters (it's their *job* to have news) but I just don't understand why they don't lay off the families for at least a short grace period. If it were me, I'd be less than polite to newsreporters!

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