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(no subject)

I'm moderately cranky. Mostly because it's my equivalent of Monday. Which in and of itself makes me cranky. That it's actually Wednesday only makes it worse. Coming in to work to find the hard drive on the box I normally work on is DEAD doesn't make me happy either. At least I never save anything places other than my network drive. Geez.

In other crank-inducing news, I'm feeling ambitious today. Corporate climber ambitious. I want my boss' co-boss' job. Right Now. In support of my argument, I'd like to state some facts. He's incompetent, I am not. I really need a 9-5 job again as I'm going insane. I'm an organized and mostly people-oriented person (at least when I'm working. Shut up. Ok, so I just fake it well.). I need an office to keep me from killing my coworkers. I need a challenge, and he's not meeting the minimal one his position offers. Persuaded yet?