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I'm not a Republican. And I don't have anything against them. In fact, I'm pretty sure that most of them are normal people. Of course, I'm not really a Democrat either.

But give me a break. Bush is a moron. "I'm not going to apoligize to China for letting one of my spy planes ram their fighter."

My Mom woudn't let me get away with that.

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"My Mom woudn't let me get away with that."

LOL. That totally cracked me up. Tis a fair point though, I wonder what daddy has to say about the whole affair...

I'm always amazed at what famous people think they can get away with. Is there some school for Moms to go to on how to not teach your child manners, so that they can become famous?

I really like this Salon article on the thing. I agree 100%.


Yeah I agree with that too. Probably too drunk to make a reasonable argument as to why but erm...the whole thing is typical of the US's attitude lately. It's all 'us first fuck everyone else'. Maybe what is not being realised here is that this little incident could have *huge* implications for the future.

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