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Ok wolfiegirl, you asked for it.

1. What are five (or more) claims to fame that you have?
a) I was a National Merit Finalist
b) I was picked for the District ODP soccer team
c) I got my MBA in 2 years on Saturdays
d) I was nearly drowned off the tip of Baja California
e) 5 of the 6 companies I've worked for in the last 10 years have gone out of business

2) What are five--or more--quirks that you have?
a) I can't sit in a chair without at least one leg tucked under me, despite the bad knees
b) I drive an all-grey new beetle with a diesel engine. By choice.
c) I want to travel the world
d) My ideal "regular" vacation is fishing
e) I use "monkey" as a placeholder for other words

3) Name 5 or more things you love about yourself.
a) I can make people believe almost anything I tell them (I never let them keep believing a lie though)
b) I can make a plan and make it work
c) My ambition
d) I stopped biting my nails
e) The ability to mediate any situation by seeing both sides and being compassionate

4) Name 5 things (this one is limited to 5) that you don't like about yourself.
a) The fact that my fingers can jam themselves while I sleep
b) My body image
c) Acne
d) I tend to take criticism very personally, even though I know I shouldn't
e) I remember bad things far more easily that I remember the good

5) Name your favorite 5 usual-use things.
a) The electric griddle we got as a wedding present
b) My green 16 ounce small-mouth nalgene bottle
c) The 25-ounce red wine glasses that look like fishbowls
d) My new shampoo/conditioner combo that keeps my hair calm
e) My crochet hook
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