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(no subject)

I have the best father-in-law, he gets so excited about things he just cracks me up. I opened the package that came from them for my birthday last night (ssh, don't tell) and in it was a wrapped present and a card. I always read the card first, but the shape of the package gave it away. I told my husband "I bet it's the Norah Jones CD!" See, my father-in-law had mentioned it to my husband last time he visited and was so excited about it, my huband thought I'd love it. So, as a good gift receiver I opened the card first and in it is a note saying "I hope you like this cd, I wanted to get you the Norah Jones before she was 'discovered', but it took me longer than I thought. It sounds great, especially in a VW Monsoon sound system!" So I opened up my package and laughed.