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I'm not trying to pick a fight here

The new legislation banning partial-birth abortions in the second trimester seems to be getting a lot of conflicting press. None of those interviewed address the issue of second-trimester abortions at all, they categorize this as "anti-Roe vs. Wade" or "a victory for morality." The problem I have (even though I agree with the bill) is that the government is legislating morality.

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for making laws to keep people from hurting one another, bodily or in property. But I don't think, especially with the diversity of this country, that you can legislate morality. In fact, I do'nt think it's good to try. What the government needs to concentrate on are the acts of depriving others of the liberty of their person and property and actions of the "public good" (ie defense, health and education). Of course, that will never happen. We're so entrenched in the Christian white majority way of doing things that it would take radical reform and severe pain the government to change anything. And that would require revolution.
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