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Nicknames and movies

I've been meaning to post this little tidbit for ages, but I never seem to get around to it. So, today I'm going to do it as I seem to be posting prolifically. I watches Swordfish recently with my husband. I love that movie (I just adore Hugh Jackman for some reason). I always laugh when he's putting together the hydra (that's the dumbest representation of a computer virus I've ever seen) and some of the computer stuff is just crap. But I love the movie anyway.

So after it was done, we watched the alternate endings and started talking poltics - when it's ok to assasinate someone, what sort of action to take in Iraq, that sort of thing. Then I started explaining the complex and bitter history between Korea and Japan. Somewho, I started using the cats as examples (one is small, lithe and stealthy and the other is a big fat bully). The nicknames have stuck. If we ever get a dog, I'll name it Canada.
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