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Weekly wrap up:
Monday - very busy. Had a dentist appointmenn, ran downtown to plan my retirement, met Dad for lunch, purchased a CD player for my car.
Tuesday - was exhausted. Much sleeping and reading to help recover from climbing too many of the hills downtown.
Wednesday - late meeting at work. Annoying, but I found out that a position is opening up. I want this job. Maybe I can get it.
Thursday - Very Bad. Heard the L word (layoffs). Panicked. Had the CD player installed, panicked some more. Talked with husband about ways to make life easier regarding groceries and general housework. Panicked some more.
Friday - better. Stomachache is going away, clarified L plan with boss. Not so panicked. Need to put resume together. Slept. Threatened to call in sick tomorrow. Slept.
Saturday - wasn't sick enough to stay home. Came in to chaos, but have breakfast and coffee (decaf). Still have stomachache though. Birthday party tonight.