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(no subject)

Today and yesterday were extremely productive. Got the rain barrel installed (it's raining today), the watering system timer hung, the weeds and lawn sprayed, the blanked finished and washed. The groceries came, so dinners on its way to being ready. Even had tie to watch a few movies; The Purple Rose of Cairo made me sad and Network was amazing. I'm trying to read Throwing the Elephant, but I don't agree with its premise. I much prefer the slow-reading The Shipping News. My nails are "Black Pearl" to remind me of chrome when I go to practice riding and help Dad with his floor tomorrow. I've even got a bit of introspection going about what my priorities are, but I'm avoiding it rather well. I suspect that it's going to keep popping up until I find an answer I'm happy with. Feh. Pith. That's what comes out today. But hey, I've measured the house to work on the landscaping, so there *must* be meaning somewhere.