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(no subject)

One of my coworkers caught me opening up Livejournal the other day and it completely freaked me out. I'm paranoid that they're going to come and read something about me I don't want them to know. Weird, isn't it? I'm willing to share intensely personal stuff with the world, but I don't want the people I work with to know.

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I think that lj is different because you're here to be the real you. You're not the real you at work unless you own your own business or you're very, very fortunate. No wonder it's freakish to imagine your co-workers seeing the Real Onsafari. ;P

Yeah. Stand back, the Real Onsafari is coming out!

It's not at all weird. There are maybe four people I know "in person" who have seen my journal. I don't use my real name here, either -- not because I don't want LJ people to find me but because I don't want "in person" people to find my journal. Of course, the fact that I gripe incessantly about some of my coworkers might have something to do with that. ;)

I don't resemble that remark at all. Does this mean you fictionalize your dogs name too?

Nope. I toss other people's real names around with wild abandon. Walter and Snoopathy really are Walter and Snoopathy. Tommy really is Tommy. And Vern, unfortunately, really is Vern. :P

I don't think it's an unreasonable fear. I know two people who have been let go from jobs because of information their employers saw on their livejournals. I wouldn't really want anyone from my jobs reading some of the stuff I occasionally write.

Better safe than sorry.

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