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Don't let the tone fool you, I love being busy

This weekend was, well, short. Celebrated with Mom in a non-celebratory way and spread cards for events over the last 2 months around. They were all pretty sassy, and therefore shared amongst all the family. This trend of cramming on Sundays is not going to get any better either as I'm going bridesmaid (bridesmatron?) dress shopping with sister-in-law-to-be. Have a few hyphens anyone? Anyway, It's been a busy time, despite the serious slacking yesterday. but I feel like I'm finally caught up from the mega-overtime sessions at work this week.

Today I seem to have become Laundry Lady; I'm not entirely certain how it happened, but I've done too many sets of clothes to ignore them in a pile designated as "clean" when I'm done. I guess this afternoon will be filled with putting clothes away. Maybe I'll even get the little personal stuff taken care of today.It's beautiful outside, I feel as though I should be out there working in the yard instead of doing solitary stuff in the house. I've never been good at exposing my lonesomeness to the outside world though; I guess this falls in the same category as my inability to eat alone in a restaurant. At least I can eat alone at home; this improvement brought to you by the letters Q and T and the number 1.

This entry has turned into something long, rambling and somewhat bizarre. I think I'll grab some lunch and put away some of the early loads of laundry. Maybe this will bring order to the mind that's flailing beneath my skull.

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