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Weekly news

I feel terrible today. After the interview yesterday and the accompanying exhaustion/elation, I wasn't able to sleep well last night. So today I feel as though I've been hit by a dump truck. It doesn't help that the hot water's broken.

Had a great conversation with my husband 2 nights ago about sexuality and socialization. Of course, it all started with a stupid question by some friends and their underlying assumptions. I won't repeat the question here (it's just to asinine).

In other tormenting-people news, I was able to pick on the annoying telemarketer lady who left a message on my machine when she called back. I got to tell her that I don't have a prostate. This has since become a running joke in my house. It's true though!

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Did you do any kicking? Kicking is theraputic.

Not yet. I suspect that tonight will be dedicated to sleeping.

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