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(no subject)

Tired is the key word for today. Or this week. Whatever. The point is that I stayed up too late last night and now I'm pretending to work on under 4 hours of sleep. This is relatively entertaining, mostly because I'm able to watch myself be a total goon. I had caffeine before breakfast to try and perk up, it even worked for a while. But now I'm low again. I'm really looking forward to going home to sleep/watch a movie and do laundry by myself. Hustbands at LAN parties that last whole weekends are sometimes a good thing.

Last night was fun, even though I thought I was going to pass right out after dinner. I had calamari, a green salad and roast duck to accompany my 2 beers. It was great fun, particularly swing dancing in a crowd of people doing the white man's overbite. DMQ got my energy right back up there and I didn't want to go home after the first set, even though I knew I ought to. Times like that are when I hate working Saturdays the most.