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(no subject)

I've scheduled the surgery for my hand. It's minor surgery, but I still have to have someone drive me in to the facility and drive me home. All for 3 stiches in my hand. Whatever.

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What's wrong with your hand?

I've got a ganglian cyst. Nothing big by itself, but man is it annoying when I accidentally bump the lump. It's not something that goes away on its own either, but at least it's a simple relatively minor problem.

Oh yeah, I remember someone on my friends list having a ganglion cyst. Forgot it was you :). Hope the surgery goes well. My (recurring) cyst is humongous right now, but oddly non-painful, so I'm leaving it alone. It's on the inside of my wrist, and I don't bump it too often. It's really gross, though, especially if I cock my wrist and make it stand out.

Eeeew, that soundsa lot like mine, except its on my middle finger and gets whacked a lot. It hurt like crazy last month, but this month is fine (of course, this was when I could see the doc :P).

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