savannah (onsafari) wrote,

Weekend through illness

Now that I'm a little less, well, cranky about the whole surgery thing (my best-husband-in-the-world is taking time off to take me in for the surgery that I could probably drive myself to and from but for stupid dorctor types; and I just kicked some serious butt in RalliSport Challenge on my Xbox) I think it's time to 'splain about this weekend. I was trapped at the house-with-no-airconditioning (otherwise known as just "my house") in 90+ degree weather all weekend with a cold. I went outside all of once to supervise the watering of the garden boxes on Saturday evening. Sneezing and coughing through the night is never fun, but being hot while doing so is just criminal. But the lilies and roses are blooming, the lawn is dying like we want it to and the weeds are easier to pull when the ground is dry. So this is a good thing, I guess.

Anyway. I spent a lot of time cuddling with cats while trying not to cook or touch anything important. After 4 days of being house-bound, I was about to go insane. But last night, my best-husband-ever went out and grabbed some fun stuff for us. We'd been playing the racing game, but that gets old. So he picked up Dark Alliance (at which we kicked butt) and Catch Me if You Can. Fabulous movie, I even laughed out loud. We even got to watch the home movies of our nephew and the wedding (first time for both). Man, I don't remember the wedding hardly at all. It's a good thing that I've got so much photographic evidence, otherwise I might wonder what the heck we spent all that money on. Now all I need is that iMac to make the movie a DVD...
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