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Clothes make the Woman

I was thinking this morning about the role that clothes play in my life and how I use them (thanks to trista's notes on the subject earlier and the fact that I was trying to figure out what to wear to work today). I think I really use my clothes like a medieval knight uses his armor. I use it to protect me from harm, and to identify myself to people that I don't know. A good example was when I was giving my presentation to coworkers. I got all dressed up (at least relative to the jeans-and-t-shirt environment I work in) and even put on makeup to show that I was in charge and to protect myself from the attacks I knew were coming. It actually worked well.

It was strange to compare myself to a knight, but I couldn't come up with a better explanation.

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I actually think that's a very fitting analogy, and I do the same thing.

So what part of your armor was that fishing hat? :)

I dunno, what's the most completely unnecessary and ridiculous part of a suit of armor?

Ah, yes. The feather plume. :p

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