February 1st, 2002


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I went gaming last night. It sounds rather silly like that, but it was a ton of fun. There were evil monkeys involved. Which of course led to an evening full of monkey jokes. And the next session will involve evil light-sabre-wielding monkeys, so I'm sure that the monkey jokes aren't going away anytime soon.
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From FTC To Announce First Ever Crackdown On 'Spam' (http://www.newsbytes.com/news/02/174111.html)

"The FTC is taking action against deceptive spammers in part because of a consumer backlash: the FTC receives approximately 10,000 individual pieces of spam every day from irate consumers who forward the unbidden missives to the agency, Beales said.

The FTC invites consumers to forward any deceptive e-mail they receive to: uce@ftc.gov."
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