April 26th, 2002


My shoes ate my feet

Yesterday was busy. Not the "wow I have tons to do" kind of busy but the "my feet still hurt today!" kind. It started off ok, but I quickly learned that I was running late. So I headed straight to the restaurant to meet a former co-worker and the old boss-man. His wife is pregnant and he had an actual interview, so things were good for both of them (my co-worker friend got snatched up last year by the company that bought the intellectual property of the one I was at that died). We had a nice leisurely lunch, and then ran our separate ways. I went all of across the street to try to talk to an actual person at WaMu HR and maybe get an edge on things there. There's a finance job that I'm interested in there.

Please note the change in job focus from tech to finance. I was told this week that I'm "not technical enough" by someone in HR. Which is true in a place where half the unemployed population is tech, and half of them have more than 5 years of experience. I only have about 2.5 in a tech job. And since I prefer people to machines, and I really like crunching numbers (I know, it's sick), I thought this might be they way to go...

So. While filling out an application I actually got to talk to a HR rep that was running off to a job fair. One that I didn't even know of, and I'd heard of 3 for yesterday. I think it was State Job Fair Day... Anyway. She gave me a name and phone number for the person that's hiring for the position I'm interested in. She even said that when asked, I should tell the person who routes the call that I've talked to the HR person before. Yay!

From there, I ran to the local cable outlet to return the digital cable box that the tech never came to the house when he disconnected the service. But now I have a receipt for it. So there! Then I got to run to the bank and deposit money, and found an extra check I didn't know I had. Yay! From there, I ran off to the bus stop to hitch a ride into the U-District to get to the job fair at the University of Washington. I hate parking there. It's just way too expensive, and there's never any spots. So I rode the bus for cheap. :)

On my walk from the bus stop to the job fair, I had a few minutes to wander around and relax. It was great. I was transported back to a time when I was free of real world worries. I felt happy and relaxed, insulated by the buildings of higher learning from mortgage payments and job stress. It was like when my biggest worry was how to get to class on time after sleeping in too late. I loved it. Mt. Rainier was visible from the fountain, the cherry trees were in bloom and the roses were growing. But then I got close to the job fair, and everything changed.

Right outside the door to the ballroom (that I never knew was there until yesterday), I got a glimpse of how many people were attending the fair. It was packed with students, all vying for 5 minutes of a recruiters time. And after talking, the recruiters would say "Thanks, but don't give me your resume. Go to our website and fill out an app." So I left. But I got some interesting ideas for other places to check for jobs. Wal-Mart has a killer management system set up. They're huge bullies to their suppliers, and have some great corporate ideas. :)

After that, I went to visit Zannah. We never get to hang out anymore. So I made some time. Never enough though. We'll have to get some more time. Cause there are just way too many people to gossip about. :) And she gave me some really good ideas for self-employment. So now I have lots of research to do.

Then I ran away from the CardHaus (and the other million people I knew) to go have dinner & a movie with other friends. Aaah, being an adult is good. Beer with dinner in an almost-fast-food-place is very cool. Then we went to see Scorpion King. I have to say that I was very disappointed. I was hoping for another Mummy-like film and got stuck with Conan. :P Maybe I'll see it again with that in mind and enjoy it more. My expectations were all wrong. But hanging out with that group is always great. There were no monkey jokes, but much discussion of naked women. Anyway. I got home via a ride to the park 'n ride. Yay.

Now for today. I'm still trying to catch up with yesterday. and I have to run off and go to my final dress fitting. Then I'm going to go and visit another friend. My days are getting so that I need to take my calendar with me all the time....
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I'm now making a list of things to take with me tonight. There are too many, as I'm combining about 3 trips in one. :P

Oh, I forgot to mention in the longest post I've ever made that I'm getting pictures. I'll post them when I can....
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