May 7th, 2002


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I had a dream last night that I started another MBA program, because somehow this one was *also* necessary. And it would actually help me get a job. So. There I was, filling out the first-day paperwork (because it was a job or something) and I left the "Major" line blank. It's obviously "MBA" right? Well, apparrently this was a major cause for concern with the leader guy, and he wouldn't let me go on without a specific major (something like "studying the economice impact of blue parrots on Africa"). So I quit. I hope this was just first day jitters, and not some sign of things to come.


I have a headache. It's from the fake "I like this" smile I wore all day. I'm fairly certain that this is not a good way to start a new job. But it was the first day, so I'm assuming that it was supremely dull as part of a "let's not freak her out" package. It hurts my ego to be the one who gets the phone and cleans the conference rooms. I mean, what a supreme waste of $36,000. I could have started my land baronetcy with that, if all I needed was a good phone voice to get a job. But I've promised myself that I'll give them until Friday, just to see if I'm jumping to conclusions, or if crying my eyes out to The Green Mile last night had any effect.
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Doofus land

I'm done being grumpy now. Putting on sweat pants and whining at my Mom apparently made me all better. So now I get to eat, feed the cats, and crochet like mad. I'm on a deadline!