May 30th, 2002



There's just never enough. I recently finished the afghan for my Grandmother and sent it with family who're going to visit her. And now I'm working on another for my Mom. She needs something for her new couches. So, knowing how long that's going to take, I'm spending my days crocheting.

But in another respect, there's just too much. I don't find out until tomorrow whether or not the guys I interviewed with last week can hire me or not. So I'm working extra-hard on other things to distract myself. It doesn't help that the unemployment people are being stinky. So I'm a little stressed about money. But not nearly as badly as last week, ironically enough.

And I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with as many people as I'd like. I've not been able to find anything to post about floating in my brain at all the last few days, making my comment ability nil. Apparently, they're connected.

Floating in the breeze

So much hinges on tomorrow. I find out whether or not I get the job I've been lusting after for 3 weeks. And that determines when I get married. It's also the one year anniversary of my engagement to Jarhead. And yet, there's nothing truly special about it. It's just another day. But it still makes me feel like a dandelion seed, drifting to the place where I'll take root.